What employers are saying:

"Recharge Onsite is by far the best corporate chair massage company we have had the opportunity to work with. How much good can really happen in ten, fifteen or thirty minutes? For us it turns out to be a lot. Their On-site Wellness solution for mind and muscles left our staff refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to get down to business again. The employees experience left them feeling better to engage with our clients and quite upbeat about our firm. For us Recharge Onsite is both a good Wellness practice and PR." -Marty Papagni, Dir. Finance and HR, Brereton Architects, San Francisco

"Recharge Onsite provides and great level of service with a personal touch. We work with them both internally, with our own employees, and confidently refer them out to our clients. I consider Recharge Onsite a valuable partner in the corporate wellness space." -Dawn Alvarez, Filice Insurance and HR Compliance Wellness Consulting

What employees are saying:

"My brain and the body felt refreshed in tandem and ready to get down to business. In addition, I noticed the massages put the entire office in a good mood and left them feeling good about themselves and about the company!"
"It allowed a break that cleared my head and assisted in better multi-tasking when I returned to work."

"I felt a significant release of tension and felt like a yo-yo being unwound."